Debt (Secured and Unsecured):

Growthink Capital helps emerging and lower middle market companies attain secured and unsecured debt financing from banks, mezzanine and business-to-business lenders and strategic, family office and individual investment groups. We work closely with our clients to explain the positives and negatives of a debt financing so as to acquire the best amount of financing from the most suitable institutions and lenders. Our methodology includes:
  • Strategy
    • We work closely with management to develop a financing strategy, evaluating all financing alternatives and determining the most appropriate financing sources for your situation.
  • Documentation & Diligence
    • We develop high-quality offering materials and data rooms to facilitate and accelerate the information exchange and diligence processes.
  • Cultivate Investor Relationships 
    • From our over 20 years as a broker-dealer investment bank, we have a deep and extensive network of relationships across the investor spectrum.  From it we are able to develop a precisely targeted, relationship-based list of the most appropriate counter-parties to a transaction.
  • Market Opportunity and Close Transaction
    • We then selectively reach out to these investment groups, perform the initial marketing and facilitating the preliminary due diligence, then assist the Company through the detailed diligence, negotiation, and closing processes.

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