Capital Raising Services

Raise Capital With Confidence & Get The Funds You Need To Fuel Your Growth

At Growthink Capital, we understand the challenges and opportunities associated with raising capital. Through our experience running dozens of capital raising processes, we are well-positioned to support and guide each business through its unique fundraising preparation, market outreach, due diligence, and deal negotiations.

Past Growthink Capital clients have followed the below equity and debt financing paths:

  • Venture Capital Consulting & Advisory Services:  Best for earlier stage, technology-focused companies, VC funding is most appropriate/likely for companies with strong intellectual property, a large addressable target market, and a highly charismatic, well-credentialed management team. Through our venture capital advisory and capital raising services, we identify and secure investments from venture capital firms.
  • Private Equity Advisory: Later stage institutional capital – from traditional private equity firms, family offices, and increasingly through Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) and Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACs) – is typically most appropriate for companies with strong histories of revenue growth and profitability.
  • Debt Capital Markets Advisory: Exploring the dynamic and increasingly varied and entrepreneurial debt capital environment is increasingly a viable path for companies with solid operating cash flow and/or collateralized assets (hard or soft).  We help clients secure debt capital from investment banks, mezzanine and cash flow lenders, equipment financing sources, and strategic, family office, and individual investment groups.
  • Private Placement Memorandum Services:  Many companies seeking outside capital need to attain a number of key strategic and operational milestones before realistically being able to attain growth capital.  Through our affiliation with management consultancy Growthink, we have access to a world-class consulting team that is empowered by a proven methodology to help companies precisely identify what these milestones are, to communicate them in professional investor offering documents, and then assist our clients to operationally progress to where they need to be to raise capital.

Why Growthink Capital

Growthink Capital is a full-service FINRA-registered broker-dealer investment bank, with a renowned specialty practice and focus on raising capital for companies of all types and sizes.

Our deeply credentialed and experienced investment banking team maintains unparalleled access to the resources and expertise needed to successfully advise our clients on all aspects of their capital raising initiatives.

In addition, we have an extensive network of relationships with unique and hard-to-connect capital sources, including family offices, ultra-high net worth individual institutional investors, private equity firms, and other under-the-radar private investors, including increasingly sources of capital from around the globe (especially Asia and the Middle East). This varied, global network of capital providers allows us to maximize the probability of capital for private companies that most likely would be unsuccessful in pursuing solely traditional routes.

Our Capital Raising Process

  1. Complimentary Consultation: The first step is to schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our investment bankers and capital-raising experts. During the consultation, we will:
    • Review your current situation
    • Discuss your capital needs and objectives
    • Make preliminary recommendations
    • Provide a candid assessment of the likelihood of a successful capital raise, along with the timeline to it and the most likely valuation range.
    There is no obligation on your part to retain our capital raising services following the advisory conversation. 

  1. Capital Strategy: Once we have a clear understanding of your capital-raising needs, we will develop recommendations as to the best path and strategy toward raising capital for your business. 

  2. Go-to-Market Preparation: Upon engagement, we will prepare your company to go to market and for due diligence, as appropriate. This can involve the preparation of financial projections; an offering deck and/or confidential information memorandum (CIM); and the creation of a data room, which will house key information and documentation related to your firm’s finances, operations, and legal and capital structure.

  3. Investor Identification: In parallel with the capital-raising preparation work above, we will build out a highly precise and customized list of prospective investors with whom to connect and present and promote the capital needed for your company. 

  4. Investor Promotion: We then enthusiastically and exhaustively present your capital raise to our investor network, with the goal of securing multiple investment offers so as to both maximize the likelihood of the capital raise along with deal pricing and terms via a competitive bidding process. 

  5. Deal Structuring: With interested parties at the table, we assist in the deal structuring and negotiations to optimize for you the capital raising terms and conditions. 

  6. Closing: With terms agreed upon, we work with you to complete the deal due diligence and finalize the capital raise and disbursement of funds on as rapid a timeline as possible. 

As a full-service investment banking firm, Growthink Capital can help through the entire capital-raising process to access the money you need to grow your business. We look forward to connecting with you and learning more about your business and your capital-raising needs and objectives.