Growthink’s 3rd Quarter 2022 Newsletter

Jay Welcome to the Growthink 3rd Quarter 2022 Newsletter. Below we will share:

  • My video observations on the business growth outlook for the remainder of 2022, specifically as to the factors likely to separate businesses that will thrive from those that will struggle.
  • Chief Client Officer Anna Vitale’s view on notable Q2 Growthink client engagements.
  • Head of Growthink’s London Office Antonio Barzagli and his view on how the best small and mid-market companies are selling, sourcing, and winning globally in this post-pandemic business environment.

To all of our success!

Clients of all types and sizes continue to seek objective and actionable insights to bring their businesses to the next level of growth and prosperity.

While owner expectations on the overall economy remain mixed, Growthink clients continue to commit to success in their respective corners of the business world.

Notable recent Growthink engagements that illustrate projects like these include:

  • Staffing Firm Expansion Plan.  A mid-market staffing firm engaged Growthink to help understand why and how – via data analysis, one-on-one executive interviews  and broad secondary market research – their best market managers succeed, with then the goal of “multiplying and replicating” these success factors and best practices throughout the organization nationwide.
  • Coffee Product Growth Roadmap. A coffee consumer product firm is partnering with Growthink to conduct “deep dive” research and analysis into core customer psychographics, wants and preferences.  The analysis led to a decision to bring manufacturing in house and more effectively tap into market and consumer segments that will respond to “tobacco substitute” messaging.
  • Family-Owned Business Sale. A multi-generation family owned and operated light manufacturing company is preparing for the sale of its company across a variety of human- and business-centric paths. Growthink is working with family members and the company executives to align motivations and optimize business metrics for a “win-win” outcome for all of the company’s stakeholders.

In working this past quarter with a number of businesses that are thriving via marketing and selling globally and thanks to a global operational and organizational model, I have noted a few common success factors, especially in this post-pandemic environment.

  • They Outsource Aggressively.  Like never before, high-quality outsourced talent – for virtually every work process and project need – can be quickly evaluated and contracted with via sites like Upwork, Freelancer, Hubstaff, Fiverr,, Toptal, 99 Designs, and many more.  And innovative FinTech players like Wise, Remitly, and Payoneer have significantly reduced the cost and complexity of international payments.  The Pandemic only accelerated (and made more efficient) the multi-decade global outsourcing trend, and I am seeing some extremely creative and exciting organizational innovations in this regard across many client markets and industries.
  • They have Cross Border Capital Tables and Governance Structures. Similar to their mindset as to partnering with global talent, thriving, small and mid-sized global businesses are also accessing growth capital – and advisory board members –  the world over like never before. Growthink Capital, our affiliated broker-dealer investment bank, has arguably seen more cross-border financings and mergers and acquisition transactions in the past 24 months than in the previous 10 years combined. Yes, a testament to the growth of our banking practice, but as much so to the thriving appetite for quality, private equity investment opportunities the world over.
  • They View Recessionary Fears as a Competitive Opportunity and Advantage. For sure, on the minds of many business executives is the uncertain economic environment, especially as to consumer and business confidence, potentially softening demand and higher interest rates increasing borrowing costs. However, many of them also see recessionary fears as a business opportunity, particularly as to strategic acquisition opportunities. In more difficult environments, a tried and true growth strategy for better run companies is to acquire more weakly run competitors. And while business pricing and valuations still remain high, if the current market softens and continues, bargain and fire sale acquisition opportunities, very well may present themselves.


A Summer Gift for Your Business. The midpoint of the year that summer represents is a natural time to take stock and pride in the accomplishments of the year-to-date while developing a steely resolve to build renewed momentum toward a strong finish to the year.

For the past 20+years, Growthink has helped companies like yours grow, catalyzing success for clients including:

  • Arganteal (software deployment automation) secured $611K in growth capital.
  • Better Choice Company (pet care) successfully listed on the NYSE.
  • DNT Express (logistics) secured $2.2M in debt funding for facility expansion.
  • FutureFuel (HRtech+fintech) successful  $1.6M financing round.
  • Focus Works (enterprise software) exited via acquisition from strategic player IEH Laboratories.
  • Halliburton (NYSE:HAL) acquired our client manufacturing process control company Ometric.
  • (Saas) validated business model and market opportunity before the official launch in 2021.
  • MPulse (SaaS), acquired by JDM Technology Group.
  • Permacity (energy) completed the world’s largest solar rooftop project and increased revenue by over 35%.
  • PayCertify (fintech) secured $700k in seed funding, then $32M over several rounds, and was recently acquired by ProfitPay.

What do all of these success stories have in common?

That the entrepreneurs and executives running these great companies understood that whether you’re looking to raise capital, sell your company, expand current market share, develop new products or enter new markets, having a great outside advisor and execution partner is indispensable.

So, in the spirit of summer between now and August 1st we would like to give your business the gift of a complimentary consultation with one of our growth advisors to help you identify your most valuable growth initiatives to pursue in 2022 and beyond.

To accept, simply click here to arrange a day and time via our online call scheduler.

Happy Summer to All!