Acquisitions and Buyouts

Growthink Capital provides buy-side advisory services for emerging and middle market companies seeking to execute a corporate growth strategy through acquisitions, leveraged buyouts, and management buyouts.

We work closely with clients to formulate a customized acquisition or buyout plan that reflects clients’ specific situation, preferences, and objectives. We invest considerable time and energy identify and assessing opportunities, initiating contact with targets, and negotiating transactions.

Our customized methodology ensures that clients experience a focused and efficient process and achieve an optimal transaction arrangement, including:

  • Strategy
    • Interview company management (and/or investors) to fully understand objectives
    • Develop a comprehensive strategic acquisition plan
  • Research and Analysis
    • Research acquisition candidates and perform thorough and extensive due diligence
    • Prepare various valuation analyses, including synergy valuation, net present value (NPV), adjusted present value (APV) and discounted cash flow (DCF) valuation
  • Execution
    • Initiate, negotiate, structure and close the acquisition, including creative and intelligent arrangement of acquisition financing.

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