Strategy Consulting Services

As the nation’s leading advisor to early stage and lower middle market companies, Growthink Capital is one of few firms built on a foundation of entrepreneurial principles, with an ethos of innovation and creative strategy.

The firm’s expertise allows Growthink Capital to find unique solutions specifically aimed at helping client companies grow with a slant towards concerns of an operational or financial nature, from advising early stage companies with growth strategy, to assisting mature operations in preparation for liquidity events.


Growthink’s Strategy Consulting Capabilities

While no engagement is identical to any performed in the past, typical base engagements are focused on assisting clients to:

  • Examine optimal times for realizing a financing event and preparing the client for such an event;
  • Road-mapping to assist rapidly growing companies to maximize potential;
  • Identifying and evaluating new markets;
  • Re-evaluating mature markets as they relate to our client’s product offerings and core competencies;
  • Primary (blind) market research to test customer attitudes and wants prior to or during product development cycles;
  • Determining most viable pathway for growth whether via organic methods or acquisition;
  • Advice on nascent technology commercialization and product development; and
  • Performing rigorous financial analysis to determine economic value-add of a proposed strategy in comparison to alternatives.



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